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Physical Used Cars
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Used and Brand new Vehicles Physical auction


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Lisbon: Tuesday, 15h00

Oporto: Thursday, 15h00

Madrid: Wednesday, 10h30

Auction Offer

Lisbon: 350 - 400 Vehicles
Oporto: 180 - 250 Vehicles
Madrid: 350 - 400 Vehicles

Conditions for participating in Auction

Exclusive access for Dealers that prove their legal activity on Register.
Leilocar client card is obliged to be presented on auction.
It’s delivered on Auction registration a catalog with lots information.
All auction start on schedule.
On sold item, Buyer has to pay Item value plus Leilocar Fee and services required.
Vehicle are delivered after confirmation of Amount Transfer.
Leilocar only accepts payments in monetary under 3000€.
GOLD Catalogue, available only for GOLD Clients.
Access restricted to Buyer and one guest.
Vehicles bought under Stock Portuguese Credit mean of payment and with obliged Transfer of Property, have to have a Property Reserve on Leilocar’s Name. The cost is supported by the Buyer.
Note: The Terms of Participation in Auctions do not exempt the reading of the General Terms present in this webpage, it is only notes and rules that concern to the access and participation in the auction. The rest of the activity and commercial relation is conducted by the General Terms, which are available in this website.


In each Vehicle, Leilocar validates, on auction date:
Law incomes, that don’t allow property transitions;
Leilocar isn’t responsible, if after sale date, vehicles get legal Burden.

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Auction are exclusive, on buying, for Professionals that are registed previously at Leilocar. For registration, please complete de form or contact our Auction Centers.

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