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Safety, Saving, Quality

Different services might be
supplied in an individual
or integrated way, combined
in a specific way
or each customer.




Delivering of vehicles
with National coverage, through a modern and efficient
transportation fleet.

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Stock Management


We manage our customers stock
with attention to safety, control,
counting, insurance
and online information.

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A series of reconditioning procedures
that will empower the sale potential
of the vehicles.

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Remarketing Logistic Center


Three vehicle collection center,
specially dedicated
to AOV users.

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A group of vehicle preparation services
to satisfy several

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Billing management


Billing and treasury
management process in sales
to users or
final customers.

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Reception Report


Supported on a web basis, we offer
a complete information on
vehicle condition

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Document Management


Document control
for the delivered vehicles
in the auction centers

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Leilocar offers to its clients
a transportation service from any
part of the country to Leilocar and to your office after auction.

Ask for your transportation:

from Leilocar to your office;
from your office to Leilocar;
from your office to any part of the country.

Making part of integrated logistics or additional auction services, Leilocar offers three report levels:
Reception report – a careful analysis allows a detailed description of the vehicles condition:
Internal Condition
External Condition
Mechanical Condition
Engine Condition
Report Plus – more than 80 items, we perform a deep
analysis to the vehicles.
Custom Report – for logistics

customers who wish to keep their reports.
With a three Auction capacity
of 7.100 vehicles,
Leilocar offers several
solutions to vehicle stocking:
Dedicated stocking area
Variable stock
(space rental for vehicles / by day)
Global management, considering integrated
Document management
Condition report
Light preparation
Administrative services

Paintwork scratches, windshield bites and
damage on bumpers are
esthetically unpleasant and
might reduce substantially the
re-sale value.

These small values can
be repaired at small price
using the services of:

Polishing / treatment of the
Removal of advertising
Quick bodywork repair
Windshield repair
Windshield replacement
Upholstery repair
Interior repair

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